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Forestry mulching
Why Choose Forestry Mulching?

4 Benefits to Consider

Forestry mulching is the process of transforming brush and small trees into a biodegradable layer of mulch that serves as a flush ground covering. This process is used at the completion of a land clearing project to remove any unwanted vegetation that remains. It's also a great way to reclaim land that has been overtaken by fallen trees and brush. Here are a few benefits to choosing forestry mulching over other methods:

1 - Minimal Waste

A skilled operator and forest mulcher will convert trees, rotting wood, and vegetation into an organic layer of earth that minimizes the regrowth of unwanted vegetation.  

2 - Speed & Cost

This one-step process is both quick and economical. Nothing has to be brought in or out, reducing typical hauling costs. 

3 - Maneuverability 

Traditional methods of land clearing make it difficult to clear hard-to-reach areas of the property. A forest mulcher is unique in that it can access steep slopes and tight areas. This means the job can be completed for almost all terrains. 

4 - Environmentally Friendly

Forestry mulching significantly reduces the risk of erosion. Unlike traditional clearing methods, this process leaves behind mulch that keeps the soil in place while protecting the root systems of plants and grasses.  Over time, this helps keep your property's drainage in good shape and preserves the health of the environment. 

Live-edge slab
Transform Your Trees

Custom Portable Sawmill Work

Whatever your custom lumber need may be, we can help. Our portable sawmill allows us to custom cut your logs into lumber or live-edge slabs. This is a great way to use resources on your own property to create something beautiful for your home or property. Our customers have created tabletops, posts and beams, wood siding for sheds, and dimension lumber. 

Interested in a live-edge slab, but don't have any wood that will work? Give us a call as we typically have pieces on hand. You can also follow us on Facebook for pictures of available pieces. 

If you have questions about the process or the possibilities, give Genesis Land and Tree a call! 

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